Getting The Best Price For Your Extended Warranty

Upgrading To An Extended Warranty: Finding The Best Product For The Cheapest Price

Extended warranties are a very tempting deal for most people. While basic car warranty plans, along with a few other warranties, are the first choice for first time buyers, once you hear the great deal that the extended warranty companies have to offer however, you may be in a hurry to make the switch. But before you rush and sign up for the latest extended warranty, here are few tips that will help you make a better choice on your warranty purchase

Tips On How To Buy An Extended Warranty: Pricing And Products

car-warranty-pricingThe whole point of replacing your old warranty package with an extended warranty is to save more money on repairs and expenses later. Should you buy the warranty the same day that you buy your vehicle? Or should you opt for one later? This website also ranks the top auto warranty companies.

Despite the extra cost, it is always better to buy a manufacturer or factory extended warranty instead of a third party warranty. For one reason, you will have factory trained and professional technicians who will repair your car with manufacturer authorized parts only. You also don’t have to pay any money up front like you would with a third party seller. Should you decide to sell your car, extended warranties are often easily transferred to another owner. You are also much less likely to be a victim of a extended warranty scam, which is a common issue concerning third party sellers

If you time your purchase properly, you may be able to get a better deal on your extended warranty. If you buy the warranty the same time you buy your vehicle, you can simply combine the cost of your extended warranty into your car’s financing. By using this method, you do not have to pay a large lump sum, you can simply pay for your extended warranty along with your car note. However, you may have to pay extra interest on your car loan after time, which will cause your extended warranty to become more expensive. To avoid this, ask the F&I manager for zero percent car financing for extended warranties. If you need more time to shop around, you can still purchase an extended warranty before your standard factory warranty on your vehicle expires. Be careful though; if your standard factory warranty does expire, your vehicle may not be able to receive extended coverage. If you try to buy a extended warranty after your factory warranty expires, it will be much more expensive.

Make sure that you search for the best quote possible when searching for an extended warranty. Extended vehicle warranties are often available for wholesale. This allows you to negotiate a reasonable price. When asking for a price or quote, try to get an estimate from as many sources as possible. This will help you better determine the going rates for a extended warranty.

The most important tip when purchasing an extended warranty is do extensive research. Make sure you understand what kind of options are available, which companies and dealer ships are the most reputable, and what kind of pricing and quotes can you get.